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How to Check the Oil Level in a Nissan Altima


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Oil is the lifeblood of an engine. Low or dirty oil increases wear on an engine and can lead to serious damage. Knowing how to check your Nissan Altima’s oil is a simple task that can save you from costly repair bills later and should be performed every time you fuel up.

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How to Check the Motor Oil in Your Nissan Altima

To get an accurate oil measurement, the engine should be warm and the vehicle parked on a level surface. Turn off the motor, and wait a few minutes for the oil to recollect in the oil pan. However, don’t wait too long; cold oil won’t yield a good reading.

Next, open up the hood and release the hood latch. Look for the oil dipstick on the driver’s side near the middle of the engine. Grab on to the looped handle and pull the dipstick out. Use a clean rag to wipe the dipstick clean, and replace it back into the engine. Quickly remove the dipstick again, and without wiping it clean this time, take a look at the end.

Nissan Altima Dipstick Reading

At the end of the dipstick are several markings indicating safe operating oil levels. Ideally, the oil should be in the safe zone of the dipstick. If it is above it, drain some oil until it is within the safe zone. Conversely, if it is below the mark, add oil until it reads within the safe zone.

Checking your Nissan Altima’s oil regularly can tell you a lot about your car. If you are losing oil, it can indicate a mechanical problem. Sometimes heavy use or driving in dusty or dirty environments means needing an oil change before the standard 3,000 mile mark. Regular oil checks can tell you if your vehicle needs an early oil change.

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